Australia: Turkish migrants jailed after 'worst gang-rape in history'

Ruhi Dagdanasar, 50, and two other Turkish migrants raped the 18-year-old in November 2016

Sunday 04 August, SYDNEY - Two men involved in gang raped of a girl after her school formal have been jailed. A third man, Mustafa Yucebasoglu fled to Turkey afterward and remains on the run.

Her ordeal started when she got into a car she mistakenly believed to be an Uber. The three men plied the girl with drugs and alcohol and held her hostage for 14 hours. She sent desperate text messages to friends and family begging them for help.

Ruhi Dagdanasar was jailed for a minimum of 16 years for his role in the horrific gang rape 

The ordeal began at the young girl's Year 12 'formal event' at an upmarket venue in November 2016. She left the event and asked a friend to book her an Uber, but this was never arranged.

Court documents said the girl, who was heavily intoxicated, spent the next few hours walking around Auburn before mistakenly getting into a car she thought was an Uber booked for her.

At 3.08am she called another friend who recalls her being drunk and hearing a male voice in the background. It is believed this man was Yucebasoglu.

After being raped the first time in a car by Yucebasoglu, he drove her to a house in Glenwood where his two friends were waiting. One of the men handed her what she thought was a 'Coke with some kind of spirit'.

Toxicology reports suggest the drink was likely laced with GHB. 

Moments later the already drugged and disorientated girl had a pipe held to her mouth and was told to breath in. She recalls tasting what she described as 'poison'. 

'It burned my throat and my mouth, and I felt very dizzy and spaced out.' 

In addition to GHB and ice, over the hours that followed the three men also plied the schoolgirl with 'angel dust', 'jungle juice' and force-fed her more alcohol before taking turns of raping her.

The three men took turns of raping the school girl, who by this stage was so 'out of it' that she was drooling from her mouth.

One of the attackers used an iPhone to video the assault.  

Judge Williams sentenced Dagdanasar to a maximum 24 years, with a 16-year non-parole period.

His co-accused received a maximum 26 years behind bars, with a minimum 18 years.

Author's comment: This is by no means the only horrific gang-rape carried out by migrants in Australia. The 'Skaf gang' rapes were committed by a group of up to fourteen Lebanese Australian youths led by Bilal Skaf against white women and teenage girls as young as 14, in the year 2000. The perpetrators eventually received over 240 years jail time between them.


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