Ban these mass outdoor prayers!

Britain is a country with rich indigenous cultures and traditions, and in order not to lose them the British people have a right - indeed, a sacred duty - to defend and promote them over and above imported cultures and traditions.

Christianity is, of course, deeply embedded in almost every part of the national story and extends into modern life, shaping our legal, educational and governmental systems as well as our basic beliefs and values.

Therefore it is right and proper in this country to assign privileged status to Christian belief, heritage and practices.

Conversely, imported religions or cultish practices, being non-indigenous, should have secondary status.

It follows that mass public displays of alien religious or cultish practices do not belong in the shared public space and must not be allowed to invade it.

Mass outdoor prayers (which seem to be mainly an Islamic thing) are exclusionary, often intimidating and wholly unnecessary, since there is space enough for them indoors (in homes and existing places of worship).

East London.


Other European countries are beginning to address this problem: Switzerland, for example.

In the Canton of Ticino, campaigner Giorgio Ghiringhelli is petitioning the authorities to outlaw such public prayers.

He wants to prevent 'a Muslim ghetto like you see in Belgium', and advocates a 'policy of zero tolerance towards the subtle strategies of conquering Europe and radicalisation of Muslims implemented by Islamists.'

Britain needs such a policy even more than Switzerland.

Which is why Britain First is calling for a sweeping, permanent, nationwide ban on non-Christian mass outdoor worship.


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