BELFAST TRIAL: The verdict will be delivered on 29th March

Yesterday, at Laganside Court in Belfast, the judge set the date to deliver his verdict on the Islamic blasphemy trial.

The trial lasted for two days with four defendants in the dock.

The prosecution argued that the contents of the four speeches comprise what amounts to 'using insulting words in public'.

On Friday 29th March, the judge will deliver his verdict.

The judge has a wide range of powers, including prison.

However, the fact remains that if he finds the four defendants guilty, it will set a legal precedent where condemnations of Islamic terrorism or quoting from the Koran can be punished.

We do not know which way the wind will blow in this case, but nevertheless, Britain First leader Paul Golding will never surrender to police and state persecution.

The very day he emerges through the prison gates, he will get back to work.

No surrender.


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