BELFAST TRIAL: The verdict will be given THIS Friday

Party leader Paul Golding will be travelling to Belfast this Friday (29th) to hear the judge's verdict on the infamous 'Hate Speech' case.

Four defendants will be in the dock, awaiting the judge's decision.

If found guilty, all four defendants will be sent to prison.

So, this Friday we face the very real prospect of our leader being thrown in prison again.

Paul has been holding emergency telephone conferences with our legal representatives in Belfast.

Unlike previous verdicts, Paul is not going to accept a 'guilty' outcome this time.

He has done nothing wrong, except exercise his right to freedom of speech in a major British city.

So, taking the advice of his legal reps, Paul is gearing up to launch an immediate appeal if he is found guilty.

In Northern Ireland, you are freed immediately when you lodge an appeal, even if you are committed to prison during the verdict hearing.

Paul could be found guilty, committed to prison, but then released on bail until his appeal which will take place at least a month down the line.

This is a deadly serious situation that will cause major disruption to our movement when we are in the middle of an election campaign.

We must be fully prepared to launch an immediate appeal - on the spot - if Paul is found guilty.

If we are not prepared and are unable to lodge an immediate appeal, then Paul will be carted off to prison.

It is as simple as that.

This all takes place this Friday, so we have little time to prepare.

Just imagine what Paul is going through right now, facing imminent imprisonment in a jail dominated by IRA supporters.

Paul has already endured attacks in previous prisons by Islamist gangs.

After consulting with our legal reps, the cost of lodging an immediate appeal to get Paul released on Friday is £3,000.

Paul has suffered physical attacks, death threats, terror plots, fifteen arrests, nearly ten prosecutions, endless court appearances, three prisons, bail conditions and injunctions while leader of Britain First, fighting to secure the future for our children and grand-children. 

He is a true British Lion who has dedicated his life to saving our country.

Right now, considering the gravity of this situation, he needs your help.

To chip in and provide urgent help for Paul, please click here:


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