BELFAST TRIAL UPDATE: Help us secure an EXPERT to avoid prison

With our criminal 'Show Trial' coming up in Belfast, our legal team are doing everything they can to keep us out of prison.

So, this is a very, very serious situation which needs your complete attention.

The issue the government prosecutors have with our speeches in Belfast last Summer is that we criticised Islam.

That's their case in a nutshell.

Our legal team in Belfast only care about one thing - securing a 'Not Guilty' verdict in this trial and keeping deputy leader Jayda Fransen and I out of prison.

To help achieve this, they need to secure the services of a recognised expert on Islam.

This expert will compile a report to be used as evidence in our trial.

This evidence report - from a respected expert - will verify that mine and Jayda's speeches were factual in every way and were in no way 'Hate Speech'.

Being able to secure the services of a recognised expert will be the difference between going to prison and walking free - that's how serious this situation is.

Being able to prove that the claims we made about Islam in Belfast last Summer are based on facts - not mythical 'Hate Speech' - is going to be the crux of this upcoming trial.

All we need now is to raise the £2,500 we urgently need to procure someone to do the job - there is only a short list of possible candidates and our legal team needs to get to work.

Please remember, Jayda is still rotting in a disgusting probation hostel and all she has to think about is when she will be sent back to prison.

Let's all rally round and get this £2,500 raised asap - it will be a great weight off her mind!

We are, unfortunately, in court again this coming Friday in Belfast and there's a high likelihood that the judge will set a date for mine and Jayda's trial.

Because of this, we are running out of time in a big way.

We don’t have communist trade unions or dodgy foreign hedge fund traders shovelling millions into our coffers like the ‘Old Gang’ parties.

We depend on an army of ordinary, patriotic Brits who want to see a future for British children in their own country.

Every penny counts, so please don’t hesitate sending in whatever you can afford.

If you can help our movement overcome this hurdle, please CLICK HERE.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First


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