BREAKING: Government BANS Paul Golding from visiting EU parliament!

After his release from prison, Britain First leader Paul Golding received numerous invites from European patriots, MEPs and MPs to visit the EU and Belgian parliaments.

Today, the government and the National Probation Service have refused Mr Golding's request to be allowed to visit the EU parliament in Strasbourg and the Belgian parliament in Brussels.

The government and the National Probation Service both informed Mr Golding that he would have to wait until May 2019 when his period of 'Post Sentence Supervision' expires to leave the UK.

This is the latest example of the UK government treating Mr Golding unfairly.

'Post Sentence Supervision' lasts for a year after being released from prison.

Deputy leader Jayda Fransen's 'Post Sentence Supervision' will last until November 2019.

Until then, even she will be banned from travelling abroad.

The establishment is desperate to tie Britain First down and is using every crooked dirty trick in the book to achieve it.

Mr Golding, a political party leader, visiting elected MPs and MEPs, in a parliament, can hardly be classed as causing trouble or likely to lead to trouble.

Nevertheless, the spiteful, hateful establishment will always abuse its power to block the activities of patriots.

There is no appeals process against the 'Post Sentence Supervision' regime.

Imagine if Paul was an Islamist - he would be allowed to travel to Syria, fight for ISIS and then return unhindered

One rule for Islamists and one for British citizens.

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