Britain First TikTok account gains over 1 million video views before TikTok announce 'investigation'

Launched just over a week ago, the official Britain First TikTok account has gained over 1 million video views and is proving a very popular account. 

The screengrab below is from the analytics section of our TikTok account:

In response to this success, an unholy alliance of Muslim MPs and Islamist agitators from TellMama and the Muslim Council of Britain have teamed up to pressure TikTok into censoring the Britain First account, as well as the popular account of Tommy Robinson.

In response to a torrent of complaints from Islamists and leftwing opponents, TikTok has already 'shadow banned' our account and our video stats have completely collapsed.

Two days ago, on Tuesday 14th, our TikTok account attracted almost 250,000 video views:

Then, yesterday our account received only 15,000 video views, a massive drop and less than our first day on the platform:

Below is a screenshot of our TikTok account before it was shadow banned and you can see the high number of hits:

Now compare to the screenshot below, which is from today and yesterday, where the stats have decreased enormously:

TikTok confirmed in a report in 'Al Jazeera' that the Britain First and Tommy Robinson accounts are under official investigation. 

A spokesman for TikTok said:

'The accounts in question are subject to a live investigation due to the nature of some of the content posted, and we will take appropriate action following the completion of this investigation.'

In the meantime, both accounts have been shadow banned, effectively ending their effectiveness. 

TikTok is the latest social network to succumb to leftwing censorship and fascist de-platforming.

We had hoped that because this social network is owned and controlled from China, it would not follow the example set by the fascists in the West and censor certain political viewpoints.

More updates shortly.


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