Britain First's electrifying reboot!

Since Paul Golding resumed active leadership of Britain First after his release from prison, he has set about rebuilding and re-energising the organisation.

In just six short weeks, he and the leadership team have:

  • Modernised, streamlined and documented administrative systems to ensure even greater security and procedural transparency.
  • Launched an ambitious programme to build a nationwide network of local branches. Already, branch organisers have been appointed for East Dorset, West Dorset, Hertfordshire, Malvern and West Yorkshire, and more are in the pipeline. This effort is part of a broader push to turn some of our huge online support to real-world activism.
  • Undertaken a leadership tour of Belfast, Londonderry and other areas of support in Northern Ireland, preparatory to council elections there in 2019.
  • Appointed a Northern Ireland organiser and deputy to coordinate activities in the province.
  • Written a brand new ‘Guidebook for Britain First Activists and Branch Organisers’, containing comprehensive help for people active (or looking to become active) with the organisation. The Guidebook is currently at the proofing stage and goes to press soon.
  • Met with the Electoral Commission in London to show the updated administrative systems, thereby removing any possible barriers to Britain First's re-registration as a political party.
  • Run highly successful Days of Action in Birmingham, Huddersfield, Sunderland, Portrush, Carrickfergus and Portadown, distributing thousands of leaflets and engaging face-to-face with the British public.
  • Created an online store selling branded merchandise to help raise Britain First's visibility and diversify income streams.
  • Put in place contingency plans to ensure continued smooth running of Britain First even if national leadership is temporarily immobilised.
  • Initiated a consultation process to allow grass-roots members and supporters to contribute policy ideas for a revised manifesto (due by end of September 2018).
  • Appointed top lawyers to fight a legal action on Britain First's behalf against Facebook for political discrimination.
  • Seen a sustained spike in membership and activist applications, inspired by the renewed energy and ambition of the leadership team.

The above 'reboot' of Britain First better enables us to resist politically motivated legal attacks and other disruptions, whilst continuing to expand the organisation both geographically and numerically.

That it's been achieved in the midst of an anti-populist blitz by the establishment (that even now prevents deputy leader Jayda Fransen resuming her active role) is testament to the never-say-die spirit of the patriots who work tirelessly for Britain First.

This is just the beginning for our movement.

Onwards and upwards!

Dr George Whale
Elections Officer

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