PETITION: Close down network of extremist Islamist schools!

30,000 Target

Young imams are being trained in a network of Islamist schools across the UK that have been accused of promoting intolerance and misogyny, according to a secret government report.

Up to forty-eight of these extremist ‘Darul Uloom’ schools (madrasas) have been identified that follow a strict syllabus called ‘Dars-E-Nizami’, which is used by the Taliban and Islamic State.

Many of the Darul Uloom madrasas have been criticised by the education regulator Ofsted.

Inspectors found students being taught that music and dancing comes from the devil and that women do not have the right to refuse sex to their husbands.

Britain First has launched an urgent petition calling for these extremist madrasas to be closed down.

Once we have reached our target we will deliver the petition to the Department for Education.

Will you sign?

  • Paul Golding
    published this page 2019-05-06 20:32:47 +0100