PETITION: Eradicate grooming gangs within three years

5,000 Target

Proposed by: Britain First North

Addressed to: Home Secretary

Child sex attackers come from all backgrounds, but many towns and cities have been afflicted by organised grooming gangs of mainly Pakistani Muslim origin targeting English and Sikh girls for abduction, trafficking, torture and gang rape.

It's time to drive these evil predators off our streets.

We, the undersigned, call on the government to completely eradicate grooming gangs by 2023 by committing to:

• Stiff deterrents, including deportation of all foreign-born gang members, and capital punishment for the most serious offenders.

• Dismissal and/or prosecution of public servants who fail in their duty of protecting children or of prosecuting perpetrators.

• Establishment of a national anti-grooming squad, with specially trained officers able to rapidly deploy anywhere in the country to investigate past and current crimes.

• More resources to support those at risk and to rehabilitate grooming survivors.

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