In the modern era, people get most of their information about what is happening in this country – and around the world - from the mainstream media.

The mainstream media includes TV, radio and newspapers.

What most people do not realise is that the mainstream media (MSM) is totally controlled by a small group of people who all share the same left-wing views.

All journalists, editors and presenters are left-wing and hold the same anti-British political beliefs.

They use their control of the MSM to spread their left-wing beliefs and do everything within their power to lie, distort and twist the news they report on.

There are no patriots in the British media, none.

Any journalist, editor or presenter with patriotic views is mercilessly hounded out of the profession.

The MSM is totally dominated by left-wing anti-British forces and they do not tolerate any views or opinions that are not left-wing.

This means that what you see on TV, hear on the radio or read in a newspaper, is not ‘news’, but a carefully filtered ‘version’ of the news.

When it comes to TV, radio and newspapers, you are bombarded with propaganda.

There are no exceptions to this, the entire British mainstream media is a tightly controlled left-wing propaganda machine.

The left-wing journalists, editors and presenters choose how to present the news.

For example, if a white British citizen is killed in a racist attack, they will either ignore it or misrepresent it.

Whereas if someone from an ethnic minority heritage is killed in a racist attack, they will use the event to push their poisonous left-wing agenda, as they did with Stephen Lawrence for over two decades.

The left-wing media uses a whole arsenal of dirty tricks to silence dissenting viewpoints and opinions.

They are masters of brainwashing and falsifying narratives to suit their left-wing agenda.

When it comes to those on the political Left, the mainstream media will give them airtime and even ignore their many excesses, treating them with decency and never challenging them beyond a certain point.

When it comes to patriots, nationalists and conservatives, however, the MSM will show unrelenting and blatant hostility, talk over them, call them nasty names, give them demonising labels and use personal attacks to discredit them.

The bias and favouritism of the mainstream media towards the political Left is overwhelming and obvious.

The MSM will also relentlessly promote left-wing policies and fetishes, including multiculturalism, LGBT crusades and anything anti-white, anti-British and anti-Christian.

The term ‘political correctness’ was invented to explain this rampant left-wing bias in the media and beyond.

The mainstream media is not impartial, fair or honest.

They are propagandists for their liberal/socialist cause, every bit as corrupt and biased as the propaganda ministry in Nazi Germany and the Soviet propaganda machine in Communist Russia.

Every piece of news, interview or programme pushes a left-wing message.

Whether it is TV, radio or newspapers, all you get is left-wing propaganda masquerading as ‘news’.

The MSM constantly deploys a whole dictionary of nasty names for those who are not left-wing, such as racist, fascist, Nazi, bigot, xenophobe, Islamophobe, homophobe and so on.

If left-wing media hacks are confronted by anyone who holds patriotic political beliefs, they will bombard them with these nasty labels instead of debating them.

Former American President Donald Trump has done much to expose the bias and left-wing agenda of the mainstream media, calling them ‘fake news’ consistently.

Thanks to their stranglehold on the media, the political Left dominates what you can say and think.

They control, distort and twist the ‘news’ to suit their agenda, most of the time completely changing the essence of a story.

They use their monopoly on public information to brainwash the British people, controlling what political opinions are allowed and which must be censored.

Unfortunately, this left-wing censorship and control has extended to social media in recent years.

The liberal-left uses this tight control of the MSM to ruthlessly demonise anyone who disagrees with left-wing viewpoints.

The mainstream media also peddles outright lies about patriots, knowing that very few patriots possess the financial resources to launch expensive libel and defamation legal actions.

Britain First leader Paul Golding is one of the most lied about politicians in British history.

The media have falsely accused him of violent attacks, of inspiring the murder of a Member of Parliament, of being a sex attacker, a paedophile and woman beater, and much more.

These are all complete and total lies of course, but instead of debating with patriots, left-wing journalists will launch an avalanche of personal attacks, smears and hatchet jobs to blacken their reputation instead.

Britain First is constantly attacked by the MSM and we have to endure endless lies and smears directed at us.

The left-wing media drags our name through the gutter to try and deter ordinary Britons from supporting our movement.

Britain First is even called a ‘fascist’ organisation by Wikipedia.

The left-wing media has been lying to you all your life, presenting you with fake news so that you don’t question what is being done to our beautiful country.

When you realise that the MSM is a deceitful, dishonest and biased left-wing propaganda machine, you should be able to more intelligently appraise their stories and see through their lies.

We urge all our supporters, from this point onwards, not to be deceived by the poison, propaganda and deception being pumped out by the mainstream media.

Here are some of the most blatant lies pushed by the fake news MSM (this list will grow):

- Paul Golding was a member of the National Front
- Paul Golding was expelled from the British National Party for headbutting an ethnic minority member
- The terrorist who killed MP Jo Cox shouted 'Britain First'
- Paul Golding is a convicted terrorist
- Paul Golding attended the Cenotaph with union jack knickers on his head
- In July 2014 Paul tried to have himself arrested at Bexleyheath Police Station
- In 2019 the BBC claimed that Paul Golding was a woman beater who imprisoned women in his house
- Britain First is a fascist organisation
- Britain First is a racist organisation

All of these are pure lies, but nevertheless they are pushed relentlessly by the MSM.

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