CIVIL LIBERTIES: Fighting back against the establishment!

Recently, Britain First lost our Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and YouTube channel, cutting off millions of supporters worldwide.

The evil forces of the establishment think they can destroy everything we have built and we will sit on our hands and take it.

Britain First has launched a multi-prong legal assault on the social networks and government persecutors that think they can deny us our rights.

Our legal representatives have dispatched a 'freedom of information' request demanding that the Home Office and No10 Downing Street hand over all correspondence between the Government and Facebook that discusses our movement.

Britain First is entitled to this information under the 'Freedom of Information Act' and 'Data Protection Act'.

If they still dig their heels in, Britain First will apply to the High Court to obtain a writ to force the Government to hand over this information.

Pre-action protocol letters have also been dispatched to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube demanding they cease and desist with their acts of political discrimination against our movement.

We intend to use anti-discrimination and equalities legislation to drag these social networks kicking and screaming into court.

Launching such a huge legal fightback against our persecutors is not going to be easy, or cheap, but this is a fight we can win.

We urgently need your help to power this campaign - without your support, this exciting assault against our anti-democratic enemies will not even get off the ground!

We are not asking for your blood, sweat and tears - we simply need you to chip into our super legal fighting fund.

Every penny counts and everyone can afford something - CHIP IN HERE!

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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