FINALLY! Home Office replies to Britain First freedom of information request

When Paul Golding's licence ended in July, HQ dispatched a 'freedom of information request' to the Home Office and No10.

This request was forĀ all correspondence between these departments and Facebook that discuss Britain First.

Britain First is entitled to this information under the 'Freedom of Information Act' and 'Data Protection Act'.

Now, months later, we have finally received a reply from the Home Office, who simply state that they do not possess any such information!

This is incredible considering that the Prime Minister Theresa May congratulated the then Home Secretary Amber Rudd - in Parliament - on working with Facebook to get our pages closed down.

Surely there must be some correspondence? If the Home Office and Facebook were 'working together' to ban Britain First, there must be some record of this?

HQ is considering our legal options:

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