FREE SPEECH: Paul Golding on trial tomorrow in Ulster

Party leader Paul Golding is standing trial for criticising immigration tomorrow, in Ballymena.

Last November, Paul was ambushed in Belfast by a gang of police officers and kept in custody overnight.

He was then charged with the same old nonsense, 'using insulting words in public'.

This was all to stop a popular local campaign led by Britain First against a migrant influx (below). 

Recently, Paul was found not guilty of the same offence after a trial in Belfast for giving a public speech.

This doesn't mean that Paul will be found not guilty again, as every court and every judge are very different.

This is the final criminal trial that Paul faces.

After the trial tomorrow, he will have no pending charges, no bail conditions and even his period of probation finishes next Wednesday.

Please wish Paul good luck in the comments below.


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