FREEDOM! Paul Golding's period of probation comes to an end!

Today, party leader Paul Golding's one year period of probation comes to an end. 

Paul has had the National Probation Service breathing down his neck for an entire year after his release from HMP Liverpool last May.

Paul was subjected to one year of 'Post Sentence Supervision' after his release.

This meant regular probation meetings and a list of restrictions on his movements. 

Paul was banned from leaving the country, even to take a relaxing holiday or to visit the European Parliament. 

Paul had to inform his probation officer where he slept every night, without fail.

He also had to get prior permission to stay at anywhere other than his home address.

On two occasions the National Probation Service prosecuted Paul for breaching his 'Post Sentence Supervision' but on both occasions, the judges ruled in Paul's favour.

As of today, Paul is no longer subject to the meddling and harassment of the National Probation Service.

Paul is free to sleep where he deems fit and to leave the country at any time. 

Paul is already in talks with overseas patriots to organise a tour of Europe and a first visit to the USA.

Another method of controlling Paul's actions and movements have been removed and he intends to take full advantage of his new freedom!

Onwards and upwards, no surrender! OCS


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