Good turnout and fighting spirit at Durham meeting!

A fair-sized group of Britain First supporters met in Durham, close by the magnificent cathedral and 11th-century castle that overlook the River Wear as it meanders through the World Heritage city.

A pleasant late-summer evening, we strolled through the historic market square and down to a little pub by the river, where over pints we discussed Britain First and the issues affecting the North East.

Unsurprisingly, Islamisation was the number one worry, particularly for parents and grandparents sick of pro-Islam indoctrination in schools, mosque visits, halal meals and the rest of it.

All expressed a fierce determination to halt the Islamisation of our country, whatever it takes!

Sunderland's Labour council came in for sharp criticism, because of alleged corruption and gross misuse of public money.

Sexual grooming/ abuse was also highlighted as a serious ongoing problem.

The discussion moved on to local council elections: Two potentially strong Britain First candidates were proposed; it was also suggested that we hold an intro day for people who'd like to know what being a councillor involves, how to stand for election, etc.

(Update: Paul Golding welcomes this suggestion, and promises to organise information and training days for prospective council candidates, once we've successfully re-registered as a political party.)

It's clear that Britain First enjoys tremendous (and growing) support in the North East.

But to get things moving still faster we need organisers who can coordinate activities and provide a familiar point of contact for supporters in their area.

If you're already an activist and interested in becoming an organiser for Durham, Sunderland or another region in the UK, then please visit our BRANCH REGISTRATION page.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who turned out for a beer and chat.

Dr George Whale
Elections Officer

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