Greece: Orthodox bishop resigns after conviction for ‘Hate Speech’

The Metropolitan Amvrosios of Kalavryta is described as a fiery conservative Greek Orthodox bishop

Tuesday 20 August, ATHENS – The Metropolitan Amvrosios of Kalavryta, a fiery conservative Greek Orthodox bishop known for criticizing, often in intemperate terms, those who he believed acted in a “non-Christian” or “non-Greek” way, including gays, migrants, and politicians, has resigned.

Amvrosios, 81, announced his resignation Sunday at Mass. He has served in the diocese of Kalavryta, in southern Greece, since 1978.

The Metropolitan achieved notoriety for his support of the far-right, anti-immigrant Golden Dawn party.

Earlier this year, his pronouncements against gays led to his being sued and convicted by a local court of hate speech. He was given a seven-month suspended sentence.

Last year, he declared that a deadly wildfire near Athens was God’s punishment for the 'atheist' left-wing Greek prime minister at the time, Alexis Tsipras.

Editor's comment - Surely it is the job of an Archbishop to criticise teachings that go against his religious beliefs. The current fad of political correctness, multiculturalism, inclusion and diversity has claimed yet another victim. Who will be next, I wonder? I don't suppose the Archbishop of Canterbury would care to put his head above the parapet?


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