In Londonistan, even paintings wear a burka

London's 'edgy' Saatchi gallery has covered up two paintings by artist 'SKU' because a couple of Muslim visitors complained that they were 'blasphemous'.

The paintings, part of an exhibition called Rainbow Scenes which ended last Friday, combine Islamic texts with images of nude women and the American flag.

They're supposed to represent the ongoing conflict between America and Islam.

Usama Hasan of Quilliam, the 'counter-extremism' quango, condemned the works as 'blasphemous'.

'They are really dangerous', he said. 'It's The Satanic Verses all over again.'

Wrong, Mr Hasan, it's not the paintings that are 'really dangerous', but the violent, freedom-hating, hair-trigger Islamic fundamentalists who rail against them.

Like the fanatics who called for the murder of Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie.

Or those who cold-bloodedly slaughtered Charlie Hebdo cartoonists just for mocking Islam.

Artist SKU told The Sunday Times that draping his paintings in grey cloth 'seemed a respectful solution that enables a debate about freedom of expression versus the perceived right not to be offended'.

Whatever that means.

For its part Saatchi Gallery said it 'fully supported' freedom of expression as a fundamental human right.

Except where Islam is involved, evidently.

The gallery's past exhibits include The Holy Virgin Mary by Chris Ofili, an insulting, primitivist painting mounted on two balls of elephant shit:

Saatchi refused to remove or cover that painting, despite many complaints from Christians.

So what's different?

Fear of violent Muslim reaction, that's what.

To Muslims perpetually aggrieved by Western culture and values, we say, 'Go home!'

You don't belong in the West and should return to the theocratic wastelands you hail from.

Theocracies where medieval Sharia Law forbids 'blasphemous' art.

Where 'blasphemers' - artistic or otherwise - risk imprisonment, stoning, lashing or beheading.

Where art, dance, music, television, film and theatre (if they exist at all) are tightly constrained by the joyless mullahs of fundamentalist Islam.

We say again to the haters of Western civilisation and freedom, 'Go home!'


You may wish to send a polite email to Saatchi Gallery concerning their craven capitulation to Sharia Law: [email protected]


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