Join the Britain First family today!

When people join Britain First as activists, they quickly grow to love it.

Because although resisting Islamisation and the assault of mass immigration on our communities is serious business, we also know how to enjoy ourselves!

And we're very, very proud of the work we do.

Britain First's famous days of action, when our activists take to the streets in towns and cities across the country to protest important issues and meet the British public face-to-face, are usually followed by lively social events, sometimes with invited speakers to inspire or offer interesting perspectives on the challenges facing our people.

The level of camaraderie and mutual support among activists is amazing, and all of us have made new friends and enjoyed positive experiences as part of the movement.

And here's something else that shouldn't surprise you: the great majority of people we meet support us wholeheartedly for coming out to defend the best of Britain for future generations!

Britain First activist-volunteers are hard-working men and women, young and old, from all walks of life - and you're welcome to join us.

We don't care about your background, ethnicity etc.: all that matters to us is that you love your country!

We won't throw you in at the deep end or make unreasonable demands on your valuable time, because we let every activist find the level of commitment he/she is comfortable with.

CLICK HERE to join our family of Britain First activists today!

Or, if you have any questions, please email me, George Whale, at [email protected] for an informal (and confidential) chat.

It will be great to hear from you!


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