Letter from a Worcestershire patriot

Dr George Whale, Britain First elections officer, has announced the launch of a new branch in the Worcester area.

After last night's first branch meeting in Malvern, Worcestershire, he received this inspiring email from one of the attendees.



Really good meeting with you tonight and our few like-minded friends!

I now feel after meeting you people in the flesh as it were that Britain First is most definitely the party I wish to follow.

I for one am sick and tired of the direction in which the government leads our wonderful Great Britain.

We need a new party to smash the mould of Conservatism and Labour thinking.

We need a party to put things right and to put the Greatness back into Britain.

Britain First must succeed and quickly before the tide of rot completely washes over us.

I will do my utmost to drum up as much support as I possibly can, I will happily distribute leaflets and join in with as many local events as I can.

To travel for me would be difficult (great distances) as I am a smallholder and have livestock to attend to but I will obviously do what I can.

I am sick and tired of hiding for fear of reprisals, they being verbal or physical.

You are right, we need to stand together and let people know the truth.

Paul was right on one of his broadcasts when he said, What are you going to do? It kind of brought the message home.

Thank you and your team which I will soon be a part of for caring about our country, for acting on behalf of our country and facing persecution and ridicule.

Maybe soon the pendulum will swing further to the right.

Anyway good to meet you and thank you. Hope to see you soon.

Kind regards

Worcestershire Patriot

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