VICTORY! Mosque planning application REJECTED following Britain First campaign!

A mosque planning application has been rejected by Dalton Town Council in South Cumbria following a high-profile campaign by Britain First.

On 20 November 2019, Britain First organised a campaign against a proposed application by the South Lakes Islamic Centre to construct an Islamic 'community centre' and 'prayer space' in Ulverston Road, Dalton, South Cumbria.

A small number of residents had already raised concerns, but Britain First swung into action with a well-researched and effectively targeted campaign to persuade Dalton Town Council and Barrow Borough Council that a mosque would not be in the best interests of the local people.

We pointed out at the time that a mosque is a mosque, no matter how much it may be described as a 'community centre' or a 'prayer space', and it is a stepping stone to rapid Islamist expansion in a formerly peaceful rural area.

Our campaign generated thousands of signatures - with a corresponding number of email complaints being sent to Dalton Town Council and Barrow Borough Council.

On 03 December 2019, councillors met to adjudicate on the planning application and voted overwhelmingly to reject it.

We would like to thank all those patriots who took the time to impress upon the council members the immense strength of feeling concerning this issue.

Britain First is a patriotic political party that will put our own people first, and we will continue to campaign for the best interests of our own people in the face of political correctness, multiculturalism, and the spineless and cowardly inclination of those in authority to pander to ethnic and minority interests.

Tim Burton
Campaigns Officer


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