Muslim persecution of Christians in Nigeria at genocidal levels

International human rights NGO submitted research, data to the International Criminal Court 

Wednesday 24 July - An international human rights NGO 'has submitted research and data to the International Criminal Court contending that the standard for genocide has now been reached when it comes to the massacres of Christian farming communities in Nigeria by Fulani militants.'

The Jubilee Campaign, which advocates on behalf of religious minorities across the globe and successfully petitioned the ICC to indict Boko Haram for their killings across northeastern Nigeria, submitted its new report 'Nigeria: The Genocide is Loading' to the ICC’s investigative offices in Hague last week.

The report documents the increasing scale and severity of Fulani militant attacks against predominantly Christian farming communities in Nigeria and chronicles at least 52 Fulani militant attacks between the start of 2019 and June 12.

While the Nigerian government and others have written off the Fulani militant attacks as merely part of a decades-old 'farmer-herder clashes' between Fulani herdsmen and farmers in the Middle Belt, the Jubilee Campaign report pushes back on that notion.

The report states that Fulani extremist attacks are not only happening with greater regularity and severity but also appear to be premeditated, target civilians, and focused on Christian-populated villages as well as churches.

Author's comment: These 'Fulani militants' are jihadists, often referred to as 'Fulani herdsmen' to draw attention away from the fact that they are Muslims who are murdering Christians for their faith.

This genocide of Christians is not limited to Nigeria.

In 2018, the US House passed legislation 'to aid Christian and Yazidi genocide victims in Iraq and Syria.

And a month before the decapitation of a nun in the Central African Republic during over two weeks of violence which killed at least 30 people, Fox News reported that Christian persecution in central Africa was close to 'genocide levels,' although it was being largely ignored due to 'political correctness.'

That is, people are afraid of being called 'Islamophobic' for pointing out the fact that of the top 16 worst countries for Christian persecution, all are majority Muslim countries except two: North Korea and India.

Several days ago it was announced that the Trump Administration had launched a multi-million-dollar program to save Christians and Yazidis from extinction by jihadists.


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