Muslims who attacked Paul Golding in prison face 'no further action'!

You are not going to believe this: Remember when Britain First leader Paul Golding was attacked by a Muslim gang in prison?

Kent Police have just confirmed to HQ that no further action is going to be taken against the gang!

The attack was carried out by a group of bearded Muslims, not an individual Muslim like the newspapers claimed.

Paul did not have his nose broken like the newspapers claim.

Nor was Paul ‘beaten up’ like the newspapers claim.

What actually happened is very different to what the papers are claiming:

Paul was sitting in his cell watching TV and eating his lunch, when a group of Muslims burst into his cell, slammed the door behind them, punched Paul in the face while he was sat down and then left the cell very quickly.

Paul then left the cell but the Muslims had vanished.

The Muslims landed a single blow on Paul’s nose (causing a lot of bleeding) while he was watching TV – the whole incident lasted about three seconds.

It was a sneak attack by a group on an unsuspecting individual, in typical Islamist fashion, safety in numbers.

It turns out the blow was landed by an Iraqi asylum seeker called Nasir Muhsen, who was in jail for rioting (below).

Nuhsen is serving additional time for a brutal attack on a prison officer at Rochester jail in 2015.

The police have confirmed that they have CCTV of Nuhsen and Co. bursting into Paul’s cell, slamming the door and then re-emerging seconds later, followed by Paul covered in blood.

Despite this, the case has been dropped and no further action is to be taken against the Muslim gang!

Could you imagine if the situation was reversed:

Imagine if two white men had burst into a Muslim prisoner’s cell and physically assaulted him, causing him injuries, the whole incident being caught on CCTV...

They would be immediately charged with a whole range of assault-based offences and prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

This is just another example of politically motivated policing – it’s one rule for Muslims and one rule for everyone else.

This is not the first time Paul has been punched by Muslims and nothing has been done.

Remember when Paul was in Bury Park, Luton, and an aggressive Muslim walked up to Paul and punched him in the face whilst being filmed?

Again, no further action was taken against the Muslim thug who clearly broke the law.

This is racist double standards at its worst, one rule for Muslims and another for everyone else.

The message being sent out loud and clear is that it is okay for any Muslims to attack Paul Golding and get away with it!

We have launched an emergency petition that we will hand in to Kent Police when we reach our target.

Please spare a few seconds to sign our petition, CLICK HERE.

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