PHOTOS: Britain First holds meeting for supporters in the Midlands

Fresh from a day of action in Nuneaton against the local Sharia Court, Britain First activists and supporters held a political meeting in the town.

About forty Britain First supportersĀ and guests heard riveting speeches from numerous speakers.

Tim Burton spoke on state repression of free speech and his own person imprisonment for standing up to a notorious Islamic group.

John Lawrence, from Manchester, discussed Sharia law and how it is at odds with our Christian values.

Jim Edwards (above) gave an interesting talk on standing up to Islamisation, recounting his personal experiences growing up.

Finally, Britain First Leader Paul Golding outlined the relentless suppression of Britain First and the establishment's attempts to destroy our movement.

The meeting ended with a call to remember those of previous generations who gave their lives for freedom, and to honour their precious legacy by fighting to defend it for future generations.


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