PHOTOS: Manchester meeting

Fresh from protesting outside the extremist Didsbury Mosque, Britain First activists and members headed to Cheadle for a political meeting.

Around 100 Britain First members arrived from around the North West and a great high-spirited rally ensued.

The first speaker was John Banks (below) who explained the dominance of jihad within the Koran and Hadiths, holy Islamic scriptures.

The second speaker was John Lawrence (below) who explained how his family came to Britain from the Caribbean as part of the Windrush generation.

John lambasted the rampant political correctness bringing misery to millions in Britain.

After John, came Liverpool rabble-rouser Paul Rimmer (below) who gave a rousing, passionate speech.

After a short break, Britain First leader Paul Golding described the horrendous persecution that he has suffered during years of torment by the establishment.

A full video report will be available shortly.


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