Play XRW (extreme right wing) bingo!

We presume this is genuine.

It appears to be an aid for Army officers to identify and report 'right wing extremists' in the ranks.

The table shows 20 supposed 'extreme right wing (XRW) indicators & warnings', some reasonable, e.g. 'Use blatantly untruthful or incorrect references to immigrants... ', others downright daft, e.g. 'Describe themselves as "Patriots"'.

(That one would probably apply to most soldiers in the British Army.)

To play XRW bingo, tick each box that applies to you and add them up at the end.


0 boxes: Name Corbyn, by any chance?
2 or more: Re-education needed.
5 or more: Nazi scum, off our streets!
10 or more: Literally Hitler!


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