POLICE HARASSMENT: Paul Golding held for two hours at ferry port under terrorism legislation!

Britain First leader Paul Golding was detained for two hours at a ferry port in Scotland while the police carried out intensive searches of his vehicle and his property.

The police also carried out bodily searches of all four passengers, plus searches of their travel bags.

The police seized several items including leaflets and several flags.

The police kept Paul and the four activists for a total of two hours.

The police justified this rigmarole by referring to their powers under the Terrorism Act 2006.

Paul was given detailed instructions about this and handed an anti-terrorism leaflet.

After an eternity waiting - sometimes having to stand in gale force winds and rain - all of them were released to continue their journey.

This is the latest example of blatant police harassment of the leaders of our movement.

Please watch Paul's impromptu video of the harassment taken on his iPhone:

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