Probation Nazis start COURT proceedings against Paul Golding!

When I opened my post this morning, I found a summons to court for allegedly breaching my Post Sentence Supervision!

I mentioned several weeks ago that the Probation Service indicated that they wanted to breach me and send me back to prison.

Within an hour of them saying they wanted to breach me, I sent them an evidence document that I thought had thrown them into disarray.

Obviously not.

I was expecting to be arrested, but it seems they are content to skip the arrest and go straight to court.

Now I will be starting the New Year by going to court and fighting to stay out of prison, again.

It seemsĀ the Probation Service are hell bent on sending us both back to prison as quickly as possible.

It must sicken them how our movement has bounced back after our recent incarceration and social media censorship!

Now they are acting like hysterical lunatics, issuing arrest warrants and summons' to appear at court.

You simply wouldn't believe the reasons they are giving for this incessant harassment.

We cannot release all the behind-the-scenes information until the legal process has been concluded.

We are refusing to budge an inch.

We will never allow ourselves to be unfairly treated or abused by those in power.

All we are doing is standing up for our country and our children's future and because of that, we are being made to suffer.

They never treat Islamic terrorists or paedophiles like this, never.

I have told the Probation Service to get stuffed, but now that I have been dragged into this nonsense, we need greater resources for our legal team.

So please, if you can help us out, send us a small donation so that we can fight the Probation Nazis and win.

I am depending on you, there is no one else I can turn to.

Please help us in our fight by clicking here:

Paul Golding,
Leader, Britain First


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