PROBATION: Paul Golding faces TRIAL this Wednesday

Remember when Party leader Paul Golding was on trial last month in London for allegedly breaching his probation?

On that occasion, the trial was postponed until this coming Wednesday, 13th March.

That gives Paul two days to get his affairs in order for this trial.

Paul has been relentlessly persecuted by the state over the last five years. 

He has been arrested approximately fifteen times, prosecuted nearly ten times, been thrown in three separate prisons and has been subjected to bail conditions, injunctions, court orders and supervision orders.

Yet Paul never gives up, regardless of what the authorities thrown at him.

Even as you read this, Paul is subject to three separate prosecutions.

Paul needs your help to survive these prosecutions. 

The authorities are counting on Britain First supporters abandoning their support for our great movement.

How little they understand our determination and fighting spirit!

Paul needs to raise £1,800 immediately for a solicitor to represent him on Wednesday.

He faces a possible two weeks in prison.

If you can find it in your heart to spare just a tenner to help Paul, then please don't delay.

Paul is being harassed 24/7 by the authorities but he is a British Lion who will not bow down to pressure.

So please chip in right now, as the deadline is 9pm tomorrow night.

Even £10 or £5 will make a huge difference:


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