SHOCKING: Statement regarding the ARREST of Paul Golding

At 10pm last night, Britain First leader Paul Golding was parking his car up in Belfast.

He was expecting to catch a few hours of calm and relaxation before bed.

He opened the driver's door to get out and he was quickly surrounded by police officers, put in handcuffs and taken away to Belfast's main police station.

Paul was kept in police custody for a total of 17 hours before being released.

As we have reported previously, Britain First is leading the campaign against a huge migrant influx in the town of Ballymena.

Nearly 1 million people have seen our action videos from the town and it is big news in Northern Ireland.

Our first rally a few weeks ago drew an unexpected crowd of 150 locals.

Over the last week, our Ulster activists have distributed around 5,000 leaflets in the town advertising our second rally in the town taking place this Saturday.

This time, we were expecting a huge crowd of 1,000 locals to attend our rally.

The enormous support Britain First is attracting in the town and the prospect of a 1,000 strong rally of local residents has triggered the local police - and their political masters, the DUP - into action.

They want to prevent this rally at all costs.

So, they cooked up a disgusting and outrageous scheme to scupper our rally.

Paul was arrested and charged with the terrible crime of distributing leaflets in Ballymena.

They waited until a few days before our rally and then pounced, leaving us with no time whatsoever to organise a snap legal challenge.

Just before his release, the police slapped a whole range of ridiculous and spiteful bail conditions on Paul.

It's obvious from reading the conditions below that the plan was to sabotage our rally this Saturday in Ballymena, nothing else.

This was a calculated, political scheme to derail our growing grassroots campaign in Ballymena, where the local DUP/Sinn Fein traitors are terrified at the groundswell of support for Britain First.

Here are Paul's new bail conditions:

1. Must not be within 500 metres of any public parade, protest or demonstration in Northern Ireland
2. Must not enter the town of Ballymena
3. Must reside at [redacted] and at no other address
4. To sign bail at [redacted] police station on Tuesday and Thursdays at 3pm

As you can see, this is another blatant abuse of police powers purely to sabotage legitimate political activities.

The problem is the strange Wild West legal system in Northern Ireland itself.

In England, Wales and Scotland, the police cannot arrest you and charge you with any crime without the express permission of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), which reviews the evidence before you are charged.

In Northern Ireland, it is different: The police can charge you themselves, long before the CPS gets their hands on the evidence and makes a decision.

Paul has been charged with an offence under the 'Public Order (Northern Ireland) Order 1987' for distributing legal leaflets in Ballymena and the CPS hasn't even seen the evidence yet or made a decision about whether to charge or give Paul a 'No Further Action'!

The police have simply taken it upon themselves to arrest and charge without legal advice or the permission of the CPS.

This crazy system allows the police to tangle innocent individuals up with bail conditions and restrictions even though they may not have broken the law!

This is essentially what has happened to Paul, a politically-motivated stitch-up to sabotage our rally on Saturday.

Paul is absolutely furious that this has happened and is as determined as ever to fight back and not let the police get away with such an abuse of power.

Imagine if the CPS get the case next week and declare Paul shouldn't be charged with anything and the whole bag of nonsense is dropped?

It wouldn't matter to the police, he would still be unable to attend the rally in Ballymena this Saturday!

That's their plan, a last minute stitch-up.

The rally in Ballymena is going ahead regardless, whether Paul is there or not.

But, faced with this spiteful and unlawful act of political oppression, Paul wants to launch an urgent challenge to these disgusting new bail conditions.

This may take a few weeks, but it has to be done and fast.

Remember, Paul has to sign on at a police station twice a week for no bloody good reason - just an act of political spite from the vermin running the establishment in Ulster.

He is banned from the town of Ballymena and cannot go anywhere near a loyalist cultural parade.

It's becoming a national scandal the way the police are abusing their powers to silence political dissenters.

It's not just Britain First and our leaders being targeted, it's others like Tommy Robinson and many, many others.

Britain is becoming a fascist Police State and we need to fight back and make a stand, or we can kiss freedom and civil liberties goodbye.

Paul is resting tonight after his ordeal over the last 24 hours, but will release a video statement tomorrow.

Paul has asked HQ to send this email, so we can raise the funds needed to launch an urgent legal challenge.

We only need £3,000 to get the ball rolling.

Can you chip in just £20 to help Paul and our legal team to start an urgent legal fightback?

Whatever you can spare for Paul, please click below and chip in immediately:

Yours for Britannia,
Britain First HQ


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