Sinister and intolerable: Islamic indoctrination of young children

These disturbing photographs of schoolchildren receiving Islamic indoctrination raise many questions.

(We think the school is in Wigan, but are unable to verify this. If you know the source, date or location of any of the photographs, please email us in confidence: [email protected]. UPDATE 07/03/19 pm: A reader emailed to confirm that it's Nicol Mere School in Wigan, and included a screenshot of the school's Facebook page, see below.)

For example:

• Were parents forewarned about the session and its content?

• Were they told that their children would be dressed in Islamic garb, their sons berobed like mini-imams, their daughters hijabbed like little chattels of Allah?

• If parents were forewarned, were they offered an opt-out? If so, was the opt-out offered without implied threat of repercussions?

• Were children made to recite the Shahada (Islamic creed declaring acceptance of Mohammed) or other Muslim prayers?

• Were parents given a record of the session afterwards, including these photographs?

• Did anyone complain, and if so, how did the school respond?


• Why are non-Islamic schools promoting Islam in this Christian country, to non-Muslim children?

• How much pressure are Muslim officials in government and education applying to get Islamic ideology established in school curricula?

There are many now living in Britain who want Britain Islamic.

They will use every means possible to achieve it, including widespread imposition of Sharia practices such as halal on unsuspecting non-Muslim populations.

By far their most powerful weapon is the school, where politically correct, atheist teachers are easily induced to facilitate and support Islamic indoctrination, often against parents' will (or even knowledge).

It is a psychological type of child exploitation, with a specific intended result:

Let's be clear: those who work towards Islamisation (and there are many in government and public administration) are enemies of everything we, the British people, hold dear.

They must be resisted and dealt with as they would in wartime, for we are in a war: a war between hidebound, expansionist Islam and free Christian Britain.

A war whose main battleground - as these photos show - is children's minds.

This is a war we cannot, must not, lose.

If you're a parent and your child has been subjected to Islamic indoctrination at school, please email us in confidence: [email protected]

Islamic indoctrination of non-Muslim children must be stopped!


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