Surprise! Smug, Pampered, Millionaire Thespian Loves Mass Immigration

It's an odd thing about many 'TV personalities', that after gaining notoriety in some shitty soap opera or panel show, they start to imagine the viewing public wants to hear their half-arsed views on politics and other issues of the day.

We don't.

Add to such luvvie delusion a large dose of intellectual pretension and a slick of oily smugness, and what do you get?

Stephen Fry, for one.

Born in Hampstead (rich and white), raised in Norfolk (rural and white), educated at public school (weird and white), and now ensconced in a luxurious country pile that could be a thousand miles from the nearest multicultural shithole, Mr Fry draws upon his great experience of immigrants to extol the benefits of uncontrolled mass immigration.

Specifically, Fry claims in a new anti-Brexit propaganda video entitled Brexit: Facts vs Fear, that immigration has been good for the UK economy.

He states, for example, that from 2000 to 2011 European migrants made a net contribution of £20 billion - but slyly omits to mention the huge cost of third-world immigration, estimated at £120 billion for the period 1995-2011.

He fails to mention that although GDP (Gross Domestic Product, a measure of economic performance for the whole country) has increased, per capita GDP (a measure of individual prosperity) has remained fairly stable - which is to say the average British citizen has seen little or no benefit from gross increases in productivity due to mass immigration.

There's no mention either of the one million plus illegal immigrants who occupy the black economy, bypass most taxation, and (by tilting supply and demand) suppress wages and inflate housing costs for our poorest citizens.

But in any case, these statistics miss the point. For even if there were an economic benefit, how could it ever compensate for losing one's neighbourhood or city to foreign invaders, for living streets away from an Islamist suicide bomber, or for having one's daughter violated by a Pakistani grooming gang?

Such problems are unlikely (for now) to affect Stephen Fry and other mega-rich cheerleaders of white replacement, as these people generously leave it to others to enjoy the full, thrilling vibrancy of living in East London, inner-city Birmingham and other multicultural utopias.


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