10 reasons to back Britain First! By Dr George Whale, Elections Officer

Britain First's elections officer, Dr George Whale, explains why Britain First is the leading patriotic Christian political movement in the UK.

1. All the elements for success

The importance of social media in modern political communication and campaigning can hardly be overestimated.

Social media was central to the electoral successes of Donald Trump and the AfD, and to the rise of the American Alt-Right.

However, social media alone cannot achieve real-world change, and to be effective any organisation committed to peaceful democratic revolution must integrate social media expertise with street-level activism and electoral politics.

Britain First is the UK's only patriotic counter-jihad organisation that can effectively combine these three essential prerequisites for success.

2. Huge growth potential

Awe, envy and trepidation colour establishment reactions to Britain First's vast online following - because both mainstream media and establishment parties recognise that mobilisation of Britain First's social media battalions would transform us into an unstoppable real-world force.

Therefore, the strategy of Britain's pro-Islam rulers has been to target our social media channels for closure.

This has been an inconvenience, however, we're confident that legal action presently underway will lead to the reinstatement of the main Britain First Facebook page and Twitter account.

Social media numbers represent huge growth potential for our organisation, so a key element of our strategy is to devise mechanisms for translating online following into real-world activism and material support.

3. International profile

In almost ten years' activism in patriotic politics, I've been fortunate to build friendships with many counter-jihad activists across Europe, the US and Asia.

All of them know of Britain First and hold the organisation in high esteem.

This, for example, from a Texan follower:

"Many millions of patriotic Americans applaud Paul Golding's and Jayda Fransen's courage, their determination to fight for the Judeo-Christian values which are the bedrock of Britain and America. I work with many patriotic groups here and never miss an opportunity to tell our American allies that Britain First is in the vanguard of the British resistance to tyranny and that many of your members are persecuted by a corrupt establishment for their patriotism. Churchill once said: 'The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.' Jayda and Paul, you are the heroes of our dark times, the light of Christian inspiration which gives patriots hope. Your sacrifice is not in vain, and the justice of our God will deliver, and elevate you."

Britain First has only begun to leverage such international goodwill.

4. Dynamic leadership

Among leaders of UK organisations opposing Islamisation and Islamic extremism, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen are without question the most fearless and determined.

Whether confronting dangerous extremists or exposing officials who cover up child grooming, Paul and Jayda can be relied upon to stand their ground and say what must be said.

In many years of campaigning across Britain, Britain First's leaders have gained organisational and tactical experience, learned from successes and mistakes alike, and attained a political maturity that will enable them to take BF to higher levels.

5. Distinctive brand identity

The roaring lion of the Britain First logo is widely recognised, and neatly encapsulates an attitude of patriotic defence and defiance.

Most people in this country have heard of Britain First, have read reports of our protests, seen photos of the 'Christian patrols', or played rousing speeches on video set against backdrops of Union flags.

Such elements together create Britain First's 'brand identity', and though some of us may baulk at the idea of marketing a patriotic movement, in the present age there's no escaping the value of a powerfully distinctive brand.

6. Speaking truth to power

"Speaking truth to power means believing deeply in what you say and fighting every day to have that heard. It may not be popular; it means taking a risk, it means standing for something." (Shari Runner)

Mass immigration and Islamisation have transformed not only the character of Britain's towns and cities, but also the content of public discourse - now so tightly circumscribed by 'hate speech' laws and arbitrary punishments for 'wrongthink' (sackings, social exclusion, trial by media), that to speak out against state-approved multicultural dogma takes real courage.

In two generations we've fallen from a society of openness and free speech into one of fear and suspicion, of nervous glances and whispered opinions, a surveillance state where decent citizens are routinely arrested for online comments and self-censorship has become the norm.

It is all chillingly reminiscent of life under former Soviet regimes.

Unlike every other political organisation in this country, Britain First makes no concessions to political correctness and dominant leftwing ideology.

Collectively and individually, our members think what they like and say what they think.

This is the very definition of free speech.

We believe that each concession to state censorship and repressive speech laws only encourages them to further curtail freedom of speech. If we don't exercise free speech, we lose it - it's as simple and worrying as that.

Speaking truth to power has sometimes brought Britain First into conflict with power.

But we'll continue exposing the lies and cover-ups of officialdom, resisting the tyranny of political correctness, and robustly addressing the problems thrown up by mass immigration and Islamisation.

7. Traditional Christian values

Many Britain First supporters who are not actively religious nevertheless acknowledge that Western civilisation and British culture and society are built on Christian principles and values, which include traditional sexual morality, strong families, honesty and integrity, kindness and compassion.

Britain First may be wrongly accused of 'hating Muslims', when actually it's certain regressive and incompatible ideologies and practices of Islam we oppose.

As Saint Augustine said, "Hate the sin, not the sinner."

Britain First's famous 'Christian patrols' in heavily Islamised areas of London were intended not to antagonise, but rather to reassert the primacy of Christian values in British society.

8. Decentralised organisation

Part of Britain First's new strategy is to decentralise the organisation through the establishment of branches around the country.

Coordinated by a local leader, each branch will enjoy a high degree of autonomy in setting agendas, selecting activists and candidates, and organising events.

Such decentralised organisation will make Britain First more resilient, able to continue operating through external disruptions.

9. Opportunities for all

Britain First is meritocratic, which means (regardless of your background) if you have dedication and skills - for example in organising, writing, public speaking, video making, design - we'll give you opportunities to use and develop those skills.

Right now, we're especially interested in internet memetics - the creative use of text, imagery, video and animation incorporating humour, mockery and truth-telling to undermine the dominant narrative.

Accomplished meme artists should definitely get in touch!

10. It's easy to support Britain First!

You can back Britain First in any of several ways:

By becoming a MEMBER, by making a DONATION or by getting involved as an ACTIVIST.

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