Ten reasons to leave caliphate Kate in the desert!

The chorus of left-liberal traitors willing to endanger British families by welcoming back 'jihadi brides' from Syria grows louder and more bizarre daily.

Here's what politicians, journalists, lawyers and showbiz luvvies are saying about ISIS bride Shamima Begum - aka Caliphate Kate, formerly of east London, now of north Syria - and her pleading to return to Britain:

It's the fault of the police, local authorities and school for letting her go to Syria in the first place.

She was 'lost within her soul' when she went there.

'She's like a WWI soldier in shellshock.'

She's 'still in trauma'.

'Deep down inside I think she's a very broken human being.'

People should feel sorry for her and should allow her to return to Britain.

Nazi war criminals were given a fairer hearing than Begum.

'I feel she needs a chance, maybe to explain what was going on.'

We disagree. Here are ten reasons why Caliphate Kate must never be allowed back:

1. ISIS is a banned terrorist organisation and sworn enemy of the West that has slit the throats of British citizens. By joining them, Begum showed her contempt for Britain and the British. She's a traitor who should be treated as such.

2. She's just had a baby boy. Cute. Unfortunately, she's named him Jarrah, after jihadi warlord Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah, who massacred Jews. Not so cute. His mother will surely know that the name means, in Arabic, 'able fighter' or 'one who wounds'.

3. The main reason she gave for wanting to return is free NHS care for the baby.

4. Complete lack of regret or remorse: 'I did have a good time there.'

5. She's still in love with her terrorist husband and, were it not for military setbacks suffered by ISIS, would still be servicing him now.

6. Ms Begum is 'okay' with ISIS beheadings, 'as Islamically, that is allowed'. She's said she was unmoved by the sight of a severed head in a bucket. Still, do-gooders claim that this atrocity-inured woman can settle back into civilian life in Bethnal Green!

7. Since 2017 ISIS has given military training to some jihadi wives. Was she one of them?

8. Begum is eligible to apply for Bangladeshi citizenship. We say, strip her of British citizenship and let them have her!

9. She'll cost the taxpayer a fortune in 'rehabilitation' (lol) costs, police protection and long-term monitoring.

10. If she's taken back, hundreds of other 'British' jihadis in Syria and Afghanistan will be encouraged to return. Would-be jihadis in Britain (who may hold her up as a heroine) will be emboldened to chance their arm with ISIS.

Shamima Begum is one of scores of young women who turned their backs on the West to join a 7th-century Islamic caliphate. For the most part, they did so knowingly, calculatedly; they are responsible for their actions.

If they come back, nobody knows if they can be 'deradicalised'.

And if one should slip her minders and explode a bomb in a school or shopping centre, then what? Will our virtue signalling politicians console victims' families with flowers and teddy bears and lighted candles and fine speeches on how 'Britain will never be divided'?

It just won't do.

Every ISIS returner is a potential life-long threat.

The British people must put our own security first and stop the Traitor Class rolling out the red carpet to them.

If, as a result, Caliphate Kate and her sisters in jihad have to endure more loneliness and hardship out in Syria, then so be it; they made their bed, now they can lie in it.

Although... being stuck in the desert doesn't necessarily mean you can't meet new friends:


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