The Great Northern Ireland Veterans' Betrayal

The Troubles in Ulster were a worrisome, brutal time but what follows is more worrying than all, our veterans are being betrayed by the state.

Dennis Hutchings, 78, served in the Life Guards regiment for a respectable twenty-six years.

Dennis is charged in relation to the death of John Pat Cunningham who was killed in Co Armagh in June 1974 during the Troubles.

Hutching’s case is an obvious abuse of the judicial system as the incident was looked into after the fact and it was deemed that there was not enough evidence to charge Hutchings with Cunningham’s death.

Fast forward to 2011 and the case was reviewed once again and he was told that the matter was once again closed and no further action was to be taken.

But again in April 2016, after the files had been passed to the Northern Ireland’s ‘Public Prosecution Service’, Hutchings was then told he would be charged.

Just recently in another blow, Hutchings had his appeal to have his trial by jury squashed therefor he will be judged by a corrupt, spineless Judge pretty much sealing his fate.

Hutchings served as a dedicated, upstanding and heroic soldier for twenty-six years.

He risked his life for Queen and Country so that you and I can live safely with liberty.

Had it not been for men like Hutchingsm we may not have the freedoms that we do now.

It is absolutely criminal that this gentleman is being hauled before the courts and facing death in prison in what can only be seen as a trumped up, politically-motivated murder charge.

This is outrageous and the double standards stink.

The Good Friday Agreement, signed in 1998, gave amnesty to the IRA terrorists in an apparent ‘peace’ treaty.

I use the word peace lightly as the terrorist scum are still on a killing spree to this day, the agreement was meant to serve as a ‘clean slate’ - clearly that didn’t include a pass for our men.

Where is the justice for all of the victims of the IRA?

Law is meant to be fair and just for all.

How can it ever be seen as fair when our soldiers are facing murder charges yet there has been no justice for the thousand of victims of the IRA.

Remember the Birmingham pub bombings, the two children killed in the Warrington bombings, soldiers killed in the bus bombing?

The list goes on.

The double standards of our cowardly, terrorist-appeasing government will not be overlooked by the British people.

We will always stand for those that fought for us.

Dennis and the other twenty-nine veterans being investigated over the Troubles have the full support of the British people.

Over the past few months, we have seen twenty-two thousand bikers descend on London in support of Northern Ireland veterans.

We’ve seen marches up and down the country with people turning out in their thousands to support our veterans and this is only going to grow until our government gets up of their knees and does the right thing.

No surrender.


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