The Strange Case of the English School 'Bully' and the Syrian Refugee

Rarely have playground fisticuffs generated such self-righteous hysteria.

On 25th October, a sixteen-year-old boy at Almondbury Community School, Huddersfield, pulled a fifteen-year-old fellow pupil to the ground and squirted water in his mouth. Naturally, the event was recorded on video.

Run-of-the-mill playground bullying, you might think - except that the younger boy is a Syrian refugee, the older boy white English. Cue media outrage...

The English boy has already been arrested, charged and expelled from the school, but worse was the shitstorm that followed this week's coverage: vicious online abuse, death threats to his family, and a police guard on their home.

Meanwhile, sympathy for the Syrian boy, Jamal, has so far raised more than £135,000 via crowdfunding, which his family say they'll use to find a new home.

The story seemed cut and dried - until counter-jihad activist Tommy Robinson received a message on Facebook apparently from the mother of a girl at the school: 'My daughter was bit [hit?] on the head by this boy Jamal', she said, and 'is too scared to go to school because of this boy.' She claimed that '3 other girls beat her as well [and] the school did fuk [sic] all.'

Another message, apparently from the English boy's brother, alleged that Jamal is no stranger to trouble and had earlier threatened to stab the boy.

Others claiming to be parents spoke of gang bullying at Almondbury: 'I removed my kids from this school', commented one. 'My 11 year old daughter had to face threats for nearly four months', said another.

In a video posted yesterday, Tommy Robinson said this:

The reality and the truth... from what I can understand from the pictures I'm receiving, is that one girl with very visible injuries, in which the police were involved... the Muslim girls jumped her, Jamal was involved, then they got taken to court, and straight after court they jumped her again. They're still in the school, they haven't been expelled from the school.

Another mother at the same school has sent me an image of her thirteen-year-old son, who was beaten by a gang... five young Muslims who kicked the living shit out of [him].

Another father is messaging me now with proof of his contact with the school. ... young Muslim children in there were putting ISIS insignia on their school bags. He reported it to the school, he was told by the head teacher, 'Do not fight the system.'

None of the media stories addresses these allegations, or attempts to put the playground attack in context. Instead, they condemn the English lad out of hand.

Is it not possible that he was acting defensively, in response to previous provocation and violence by Muslim pupils?

Is it not possible that Jamal was involved in some way?

Is it not possible that pupils and parents are scared of speaking out, for fear of repercussions?

An investigation into pupil conflict at the school is urgently needed, to establish background, and to replace media hysteria with facts.

Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are slim, because a video of a native English boy attacking a 'vulnerable refugee' is pure gold to the architects of mass immigration and white replacement. These people wield power in government, the media and criminal justice system, and have a vested interest in concealing evidence of societal fracture, especially of Muslim hostility and aggression towards non-Muslims.

Far better to blame our poor, beleaguered British children, fighting to survive the multicultural hell they - the Traitor Class - created.


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