THIS is the leaflet text that Paul Golding was arrested for!

On Wednesday evening, Paul Golding was arrested and spent seventeen hours in police custody for distributing leaflets in the town of Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

This is a shocking abuse of police powers to try and scupper legitimate political activities.

Above is the leaflet in question and below the text of the leaflet that the police are claiming is 'stirring up hatred':

The people of Ballymena are furious at the massive influx of gypsy migrants from Eastern Europe.

Anti-social behaviour has become commonplace and there have been attacks by migrants on local residents.

Many local houses that could have been given to local people have been handed out to bus loads of these migrants.

Most of these migrants are given benefits, draining council resources that could have been spent on the people of Ballymena.

This is not just a few migrants, but a deluge of immigrants that has virtually changed the face of Ballymena.

The local politicians, council and police are ignoring the complaints of local residents who are fed up of this enormous influx into the local area.

Britain First is leading the campaign against this huge wave of immigration and we are demanding an immediate halt to any further migrant placement in Ballymena.

Enough is enough, this is our town! It’s time we forced the politicians to listen to the people of Ballymena!

As you can see, there is nothing controversial or racist in the leaflet, 5,000 copies of which have been distributed to residents of Ballymena.

But this is the text of the leaflet that the police in Ulster are using to arrest Paul and impose various restrictions on him.

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