Tommy Robinson convicted on Contempt of Court charges

Tommy Robinson was convicted on Friday at the Old Bailey of Contempt of Court in three respects - breaching reporting restrictions, live-streaming video outside the court, and 'aggressively confronting' and filming defendants.

The charges stem from an incident outside Leeds Crown Court in May 2018, when Tommy Robinson was arrested, charged, prosecuted, convicted, sentenced and transported to prison all in the space of five hours for allegedly being in Contempt of Court.

That conviction was overturned in August 2018 by the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, but the door was left open for further prosecution at the discretion of the Attorney General, who decided to prosecute Tommy Robinson for a second time.

There were protests outside the Old Bailey by Tommy Robinson's supporters as news of the conviction spread.

Tommy Robinson is due to return to the Old Bailey on Thursday 11 July for sentencing.


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