Update on the legal action against the Electoral Commission

An important legal message from party leader Paul Golding:

Fellow Britain First patriots,

I have good news to report today for all Britain First supporters.

Yesterday, I finalised arrangements with our new legal team in Northern Ireland.

This means that within a very short period of time, we will be submitting an application to speed up our legal action against the Electoral Commission.

Recently, we raised funds to power this legal action.

We had to switch legal firms because the previous solicitor handling our case left for a new job.

This means we had to negotiate a new relationship with a new firm and now we are going through the motions to officially instruct the new firm.

This will only take a few days, then we can submit our new legal action to the High Court in Belfast.

I estimate this will happen within two weeks.

Unfortunately, the legal profession works at a snails pace and there is nothing we can do to speed up the process.

Once the application for an urgent hearing is submitted, I estimate we will be in court within three weeks after that.

These are just estimations, but the ball is rolling and I intend to nail the corrupt Electoral Commission to the wall!

Britain First has already started the 'warm up' work in our target wards for the local elections next May, so we need to be registered as a political party immediately.

The Electoral Commission is basically saying that Britain First should never be registered because they don't agree with our political beliefs.

They have thrown obstacles in the way of many right-wing patriot parties now and have a proven track record of bias against Brexit campaigners.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has promised action against the Electoral Commission to combat their blatant left-wing and pro-EU bias.

If the Electoral Commission loses in court against Britain First, it will seal their fate and the government will be forced to dismantle this corrupt quango.

The Electoral Commission is trying to corrupt our democracy, just like the Democrats and their accomplices are doing in America right now.

The political Left only supports democracy as long as they get the outcomes they agree with.

Our legal action against the Electoral Commission is far more important than people realise.

It will humble the left-wing Electoral Commission and guarantee that everyone can participate in the democratic process, not just leftists.

I will provide further updates in due course when things start to get moving.

If you can chip in just £10 or even £5 to help power this legal action along, please click below:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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