UPDATE: Paul Golding in court in Ballymena

By Paul Golding - I was arrested recently for distributing leaflets criticising immigration in the town.

Once again, despite the entire case resting on a single leaflet, the police postponed the decision whether to charge me, or not.

They want to leave me languishing with restrictive bail conditions for as long as possible before they are forced to make a decision.

This is all about controlling me.

It is all about stopping me being active and organising activities.

They have arrested me and placed strict conditions on me preventing me taking part in any political activities in the whole of Northern Ireland.

Job done.

Why would they be in a rush to actually prosecute me when they can leave me hanging like this?

Yesterday, all they did was re-bail me to attend court again on 10th January.

Likewise, we are expecting more police raids this weekend to capture Jayda.

For the last two weeks the Gestapo have launched sneaky raids on certain addresses to try and apprehend Jayda.

This weekend will be no different.

We are bracing ourselves for more heavy-handed tactics over the next few days.

This is all part of a deliberate plan to psychologically unravel both me and Jayda.

Imagine the stress we are both enduring over the Christmas period with all this persecution.

I have two important court dates in early January, including one where I could go back to prison.

Jayda has an active arrest warrant where she will be detained and transported to London to face trial.

She could be back in prison any day now.

Imagine if you was facing this kind of pressure over Christmas.

Could you hack the pressure and worry?

That's the situation both Jayda and I find ourselves in right now.

All we ask in return for leading this movement is that our supporters help us to defeat these dastardly attacks on our freedom.

We will never surrender to these kind of dirty tricks, never.

Our legal team is on standby so that when Jayda is arrested - at any time now - they can swing into action and represent her.

We have most of the funds we need to pay for our legal team, but we are not quite there yet.

Believe me when I say, it is a great weight off our shoulders when we know that we have the financial resources for a legal defence.

When we both know that is in place, we don't mind enduring the relentless arrests, court dramas and charges.

We can only do it with your backing, will you chip in and help us during this difficult time?

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