VICTORY: SO15 Counter Terrorism Command surrenders!

By Paul Golding - I am happy to announce that tonight, we have scored a major victory over our enemies!

The fascist bullies of 'SO15 Counter Terrorism Command' have caved in to our threats of legal action and have returned all of my electronic devices to me!

Tonight, I was summoned to Heathrow Airport to meet with SO15 so that they could hand me back my phone, my laptop and my hard-drive. 

Everything was fully charged, so they had obviously spent many days trying to break past the military-level encryption, but failed!

I met two of their goons inside Terminal 2 and they handed me back a bag full of my property in full public view (below):

Tomorrow, I will release a video of the whole saga. 

This mighty victory was achieved by sending a stiff legal letter to SO15 giving them until this Wednesday 9pm to return my devices, or on Thursday we would launch High Court legal action against them.

This victory demonstrates that Britain First can, and will, fight back effectively against the highest levels of the establishment, and win. 

Britain First will not be bullied or browbeaten by the jumped-up jobsworth bullies of 'SO15 Counter Terrorism Command', and tonight we have proven that!

I was right to ignore the threats of 'terrorism convictions' and 'long prison sentences' in the interrogation room at Heathrow nearly two weeks ago.

All of that bullying, all those threats, the arrest, the sixteen hours in police custody, have come to nothing.

In the end, 'SO15 Counter Terrorism Command' surrendered!

This is a titanic victory for our movement against establishment tyranny. 

Now that we have dispensed with 'SO15 Counter Terrorism Command', we can now focus entirely on the other corrupt establishment institution, the Electoral Commission!

Today, I spoke with our legal team in Belfast and they confirmed that they are putting the finishing touches on the court paperwork to officially launch legal action against the Electoral Commission.

We did hope to get the paperwork done today, but I told them not to rush.

The important thing was to get it right, first time. 

The other good news is that we are halfway to our target of £10,000 to power this rapid legal action through to its conclusion. 

Because we could be in court with the Electoral Commission as early as next Monday, we need to raise the remaining half as quickly as possible. 

And considering that we started this appeal on Friday night and we are already halfway through, we can easily smash our target if each and every patriot reading this just takes the plunge and sends a small donation asap.

We have beaten and humiliated SO15, now let's smash the Electoral Commission into submission!

Another titanic victory is within our grasp, only you can guarantee victory for our movement.

So please, help me to inflict another crushing blow to the establishment, please click here:

Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First


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