VIDEO: Day of action against MEGA MOSQUE in Worcester

Britain First held the first day of action to kick off our relentless activities in 2019 in the town of Worcester, the site of a new mega mosque that is about to be built.

For many hours in the freezing cold our activists gave out thousands of our new campaign leaflets.

Worcester has a tiny Islamic population, so it is a mystery as to why the city needs a huge new mosque.

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    • Geoffrey Welsh
      commented 2019-01-25 17:13:50 +0000
      Another brilliant patriotic day of public awareness…Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population are brain dead sheep. Don’t give up – with enough effort, the sheep will wake up! GOD SAVE BRITAIN FIRST ♡♡♡
    • trevor baylis
      followed this page 2019-01-25 14:59:55 +0000
    • James Nicholls
      commented 2019-01-23 01:32:25 +0000
      Muslims have contributed nothing to our society, or theirs or anyone else’s. Muslims and the Left will blame White Europeans for slavery and blame native Britons for the horrors of slavery and what they did to them during colonial times, some even stupidly go as far to say that the British invented slavery. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, slavery has been around pretty much since the dawn of human existence and considering scientific experts believe White people are actually the most recent of races to evolve then that means on the contrary it was Blacks that started slavery not White people. In the 7th century for example, North Africa including Modern day Tunisia and Morocco used to be Christian but when Muslims invaded North Africa they captured those territories, the men they captured were either sold into slavery and castrated, converted to their sick religion or otherwise killed. Many of the slaves the Muslims have had over the years have been White Europeans. Even the Ancient Egyptians had slaves. Not that many people realise it but slavery is actually still going on in some parts of the world, whilst the civilised countries of the West such as Europe and North America have banned slavery entirely, slavery still goes on in, yeah you guessed it the Middle East as well as many parts of Africa. The British Empire did a great noble thing by helping to ban slavery around the world, if it weren’t for our Empire it’s quite likely that countries like the United States and many European countries would still have slavery legal, if it weren’t for our Empire slavery would probably still be legal in the developed, civilised world (Europe and North America) and it’s something every Briton should be immensely proud of. Unfortunately though, the less important and dangerous people of that era such as the peoples of the Middle East and Africa still sell millions of people into slavery every year, Pakistan has 2.1 million slaves, Bangladesh has 1.5 million slaves and Uzbeckistan has 1.2 million slaves, 4% of Uzbeckistan’s population. If British people don’t get their act together then eventually within a few decades we could find our own country completely run by Muslims, a Muslim Prime Minister, Muslim councillors, Muslim everything and native Britons could therefore find themselves slaves of savage Muslim men. Britons shall never be slaves, we’re supposed to be the ones that do the colonising not the Muslims. Do you really want to take your chances of having Britain as a Muslim dominated country after everything I’ve told you about modern day slavery in Middle Eastern countries? I wouldn’t of thought so, so get up and do something about it before it’s to late, true Britons never surrender to vile savages from the Third World. Good Luck Britain First.
    • peter ellis
      commented 2019-01-22 20:02:05 +0000
      Many years ago Western governments were voicing their concerns at the rapid spread of Islam from East to West. Since that time the problem has escalated out of all proportion. If you remember some years ago,that one eyed/one arm terrorist ,Abu Hamza(he lost his limbs while planting a bomb in an act of terrorism in his own country— and who gave him refuge?,British politicians of course) along with his terrorist supporters were referring to our capital city of London as Londonstani and boasting that Great Britain would become the first Western country to become majority muslim.
      Successive weak and colluding governments of ours have turned a blind eye to these radical foreign infiltrators whom I believe see it as their duty to collonise this country.Hence the continual flow of illegal muslims to our shores.
      This cowardly outlook by our politicians will inevitably lead to civil unrest in Britain when the silent masses finally wake up to the undeniable truth of what has, and currently still is happening, in the name of Allah.