West Yorkshire 'extremism hotspot' gets new branch

Following a meeting in Halifax on Wednesday evening, Britain First is delighted to confirm Sean Pett as organiser for the new West Yorkshire branch.

A born and bred Yorkshireman and long-term activist, Sean (below) believes that the region needs a strong Britain First presence both to educate and engage the public, and to provide real democratic opposition to complacent local politicians.

West Yorkshire hit the headlines two years ago when fifteen members of the so-called Calderdale Gang, comprising mainly Pakistani men from Halifax and Bradford, were jailed for grooming, drugging, raping and trafficking local girls as young as 13.

In 2015, twelve men belonging to a child sex ring in nearby Keighley were convicted of rape and other forms of sexual abuse.

Early this year, two men from the Savile Town area of Dewsbury were arrested on suspicion of plotting a terror attack on a leisure complex.

This is the Islamic enclave that produced Mohammad Sidique Khan, mastermind of the 2005 London bombings that killed fifty-two, and Talha Asmal, who at seventeen became Britain's youngest ever suicide bomber when he helped kill eleven people in car bombs in Iraq in 2015.

For these and other horrific crimes, West Yorkshire has become known as an 'extremism hotspot'.

Britain First seeks to establish a strong presence here, to alert local people to the scale and nature of the problems, to organise effective democratic opposition, and to hold to account politicians and public servants who facilitate the continuing deterioration.

To these ends, patriots at the Halifax meeting came up with the idea of producing a West Yorkshire Britain First newsletter covering such issues as:

  • Islamist indoctrination in mosques, schools etc.
  • Grooming, drug dealing and other crimes blighting neighbourhoods
  • Council negligence or suspected wrong-doing
  • Anti-British discrimination
  • Leftwing attacks on free speech
  • 'Ghettoisation' and 'white flight'
  • Positive community initiatives, social events, etc.

If you'd like to help Britain First grow in West Yorkshire, or if you have local stories for the newsletter, please contact us in confidence at [email protected]

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