YouTube completely CENSORS Britain First videos!

Last November, YouTube placed restrictions on the official Britain First channel.

Over 250 videos were suddenly plastered with warnings and many of the features of YouTube were disabled.

Now YouTube has taken this political discrimination a step further. 

Suddenly, on Monday, YouTube banned all Britain First videos from being viewed in most countries around the world.

HQ received 250 emails informing us of the total censorship of each video on our official channel.

Although the official Britain First channel is still live, all of the videos are censored. 

This is outrageous, politically-motivated censorship of certain political viewpoints.

It is a slap in the face for democracy and freedom of speech and expression.

YouTube is now effectively a fascist platform that silences political dissent.

At present, Britain First is engaged in civil legal action against Facebook for political discrimination in Belfast High Court.

Once this case is concluded - at some point in February  or early March - our next legal action will be against YouTube, which is owned by Google.

More updates shortly.


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