IT'S OFFICIAL! Britain First starts LEGAL ACTION against Facebook!

Britain First leader Paul Golding announces the spectacular news that legal action against Facebook has begun!


Today in court, the judge refrained from setting a new trial date for Jayda and I, granting us more time to get our legal defence ready.

This is very good news – thank you to everyone who helped get us this far.

That’s the update from court today, now let me give you some spectacular news - also from today!

The last two weeks have been very, very painful for me.

Allow me to explain – trust me, read below, it will be worth it!

Several weeks ago, we appealed for donations to sue Facebook for ‘political discrimination’ after closing down six different Britain First fan pages.

For several months, our solicitors were corresponding with Facebook’s legal reps in Belfast – this took up a lot of time.

Then, when correspondence hit a brick wall, I instructed our solicitors to just launch proceedings against Facebook.

That was several weeks ago, so what has been the hold up?

Thankfully, we have one of the most important and experienced QCs in Northern Ireland acting for us.

This QC is an experienced expert in administrative law, Judicial Review, defamation, privacy and human rights law.

He has a long history of winning discrimination and human rights cases - perfect for us.

The combined team of our solicitor, barrister and QC have taken their time and fine-tuned the paperwork that will launch the case against Facebook over the last two weeks.

It has been a frustrating delay, but as leader of Britain First I can finally make the announcement that Britain First has now officially sued Facebook for political discrimination!

It is no longer just ‘talk’ or wishful thinking – it is now a legal reality.

Solicitors acting for Britain First lodged the paperwork late today at Belfast County Court to start legal action against Facebook.

This will be the first time that Facebook has ever been sued for discrimination.

We are seeking an injunction demanding that Facebook reinstate our Facebook fan page and also we want damages on several fronts.

Up until now, it has all been ‘demands’ and ‘talk’, but now Facebook are going to know 100% that we are deadly serious.

They will shortly realise – when they receive the summons to court - that they have a serious civil case on their hands that they could easily lose!

If you chipped in to our previous appeals, thank you.

It was thanks to you that Britain First was able to launch this historic and unprecedented legal action against Facebook.

We want our fan pages back, and we mean business!

For too long now social networks have censored certain political viewpoints and thus interfered with the political process.

Back in March, 2.6 million Britain First supporters were denied their freedom of belief and expression when Facebook abruptly closed our fan pages.

Other pages, like ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘F*** Christianity’ are allowed to post all manner of hateful and abusive content, but Britain First is beyond the pale and must be silenced?

Well, Facebook will now have to explain this absurd logic in front of a senior judge - thanks to you.

I cannot wait to see them squirm and waffle to try and dig themselves out of this hole!

Can you imagine the uproar when Britain First wins this case and Facebook are faced with an injunction instructing them to reinstate our fan pages?

Political discrimination is illegal in Northern Ireland, so Facebook will have to explain to a judge why they have deliberately targeted Britain First and have treated us differently to everyone else.

This is no joke, when the summons to appear in court arrives at Facebook’s offices it is going to cause a meltdown!

Their legal team will be interrogating the lowly moderators as to why they have continually banned all Britain First pages.

Please remember, this is only the start, there is a way to go before Facebook are either defeated in court or settle with us out of court.

This is a massive development that will be watched closely by the entire patriotic, counter-jihad and conservative movement across the entire Western world.

I apologise that it has taken this long and that there have been annoying delays, but we have finally dragged Facebook into court!

This is not just Britain First's right to freedom of speech on the line, but the entire patriotic, Christian, counter-jihad movement across the Western world – that includes you my friend.

We stand a very good chance of beating Facebook in court - if we win, the judge will order Facebook to return our former fan pages to us - re-connecting 2.6 million of our supporters worldwide - or face the consequences!

Will you join me on this historic mission to restore freedom of speech?

Can I count on you to swing your support behind our movement as we confront Facebook in court?

We cannot do it without your staunch, unswerving support.

If you can help us take this legal campaign to the next level, please CLICK HERE to chip in.

I want to thank you in advance for your amazing support!

Yours sincerely,
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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