– Continued support for the Protestant principle of religious freedom for all citizens, protected by law.

– Introduce a ban on the use of non-stun religious ritual slaughter. The practice of, for example, Halal and Kosher slaughter, goes against the innate British concern for the welfare of animals. We oppose exceptions being made to animal cruelty legislation for any religions.

– Introduce a ban on religious courts that conflict with the powers of the British legal system. We support the primacy of the British legal system as the final arbiter in all legal matters. Any attempt to circumvent or usurp the British legal system will be vigorously opposed. One nation, one legal system.

– Introduce a ban on the use of religious face coverings in public on security grounds. Any instances of religious extremists forcing women to wear face coverings will be prosecuted. Women will not face compulsion to wear religious clothing. 

– Close down religious institutions caught preaching extremist concepts, such as slavery and hostility towards non-believers. Implement closer inspections of religious institutions connected to terrorism or extremism.

– Oppose the enforcement of LGBT polices by the state on religious institutions i.e. same sex marriage and transgender ideology.

– Remove non-profit status for all religious organisations whose income exceeds £250,000 per annum. All religious institutions above this threshold must be subject to taxes and oversight by the HMRC.

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