Britain First Official Policies


– Deport all illegal immigrants;

– Deport all foreign criminals;

– Offer generous grants to those of foreign descent resident here who wish to leave permanently;

– Completely halt any further immigration except in special cases such as genuine marriages where strict citizenship criteria has been met;

– Reject and deport all “asylum seekers” who do not originate from countries bordering Britain;

– Make it an act of treason to implement any policy or measure, or sign any agreement, that facilitates and / or results in significant numbers of foreigners entering the sovereign territory of the United Kingdom with the aim of settling.


– Abolish the hated “Human Rights Act” which is being widely abused and which was forced on the UK by the EU;

– Implement an American style “Bill of Rights” guaranteeing freedom of speech, assembly and expression. No exceptions;

– Give England its own national parliament to create parity of esteem within the UK;

– Withdraw from the European Union and create a new trade agreement;

– Introduce a “Treason & Sedition Bill” that prohibits British citizens from entering into any agreement that infringes upon the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, such as the transfer of sovereignty to any foreign institutions.

– Increase the penalties for corruption for those in public office and widen the scope for prosecution for those who benefit post-office from decisions while incumbent.

– Abolition of the corrupt system of parliamentary expenses.

- Disbar followers of the Islamic ideology from holding public office.

- The extension of the Bill of Rights to apply to the unborn child.


- Introduce a ban on the use of ritual Halal slaughter.

- Introduce a ban on Sharia Courts.

- Introduce a ban on the construction of any new mosques, madrasas and “cultural centres”.

- Introduce a ban on the teaching of Islam at all levels of state education.

– Introduce a prohibition on the use of Islamic face coverings in public, such as the Burka and Niqab.


– Take firm action to combat excessive NHS bureaucracy and replace “managers” and pen-pushers with front line doctors, nurses and dentists.

– End the scandal of foreign health tourism which drains our NHS.

– Recruit, train and pay British doctors, nurses and dentists instead of looting the Third World of these desperately needed skilled workers.

– Implement a national scheme to promote healthy ways of living to tackle the root causes of our poor health as a nation.

– Introduce an “NHS Protection Bill” that prohibits the privatisation of any part of the National Health Service and guarantees public ownership.

- Introduce a total ban on abortion like that in place in Northern Ireland.

- A greatly increased level of assistance and counseling for the victims of sexual attacks. 


– We will implement a “back to basics” scheme in education focusing on discipline and traditional teaching methods (e.g maths, English and technical skills)

– The reintroduction of grammar schools;

– The reintroduction of competitive sports;

– The reintroduction of Christian assemblies;

– The teaching of British history throughout all levels of education;

– The abolition of tuition fees for students who achieve high grades;

– A greater focus on real trades and skills as demanded by a modern, technological manufacturing economy and the removal of state indulgence in phoney “social” education subjects.

- Replace the present “multi faith” religious education curriculum with a new approach that focuses predominantly on Christianity.

- Greater influence of the Armed Forces in the education system, including day trips, training events and careers advise.


– Massive state support, funding and training for new business and industries.

– The protection of British companies from unfair foreign imports in certain areas where competition is not on an equal footing.

– Financial penalties on businesses that outsource their operations to foreign countries.

– A deep and meaningful campaign of tax cuts across the board to encourage and stimulate economic growth.

– The removal of “stealth taxes”, VAT and a whole raft of other taxes which drain the pockets of the British workforce.

– Prohibit the sale of domestic companies to foreign entities.

– Initiate a clamp down on the negative speculation of the banks and introduce a national “Bank of Britain” to fund British economic growth with the use of generous grants.

– Transfer the sovereign power to create money away from the privately owned Bank of England to a new national “Bank of Britain” which shall be controlled by the UK government.

- Greater punishments for misconduct within the banking and financial sector, especially when it impacts on the economy.

- The prohibition on any further bail-outs for the banking system.

- Cease any further trade or commerce with Islamic countries until they institute fair rights for women, basic human rights and fair elections.


– Introduce a “Democracy & Freedom Bill” that makes it a criminal offence (that carries a prison sentence) to refuse services to constituted political parties and their office holders.

– Introduce a total ban on the word “racism” in the media. The word “racism” has for too long been a weapon to undermine debate and to suppress discussion on important matters of nationhood, immigration and political correctness.

- Employ greater use of binding referendums to implement the will of the people in important matters of sovereignty.

- Outlaw practises such as postal and proxy voting which are facilitating corruption and fraud in our democratic system.

- Replace the unfair system of “first past the post” with proportional representation.


– Scrap the entire “foreign aid” budget;

– Scrap all expenditure relating to immigration, such as translation costs, benefits etc;

– Halt all further payments to the European Union;

– Severely curtail spending on the “national debt” which has been built up by decades of government over-spending;

– Balance the national deficit in a decisive and effective manner.


– Introduce a strict and meaningful system of citizenship;

– Make all state benefits, housing and assistance available only to British citizens;

– Retain and expand the “right to buy” scheme for social tenants;

– Stamp out the national scandal of upwards of 15,000 pensioners freezing to death each winter;

– Take decisive and effective action to severely reduce welfare spending and dependency;

– Make benefits and entitlements only available to those who genuinely need it;

– Implementation of a genuine “workfare” scheme whereby work is needed in return for benefits.

- Decisive action to eradicate the scourge of homelessness that is blighting our country.

- Greater promotion of organisations such as the Boy’s Brigade, Scouts, Brownies and Cubs to alleviate the scourge of anti-social behaviour on our streets.

- Greater promotion of Church groups and organisations within our communities to promote Christianity and community cohesion.


– Britain and the wider Commonwealth should pursue its own defence and foreign policy.

– The re-focus of our foreign affairs away from European integration and back to our former Commonwealth sister nations.

– Britain should do all within its capabilities to oppose the European single currency.

– Britain should make its own trade deals with nations around the world.

– Withdraw from the United Nations which is being used by vested interests to undermine the Western world.

– Replace the obsolete NATO alliance with a new defence arrangement that comprises nations of the “West” with the aim of protecting our joint interests around the world.


– Implement a radical reversal of the legal and policing focus on the “rights” of criminals and its replacement with the traditional focus on putting the victims of crime first;

– Greater use of National Service for habitual offenders;

– The restoration of Capital Punishment for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers;

– Make prisons a place of hard labour rather than cosy holiday camps;

– Introduce the use of “chain gangs” to provide labour for national public works;

– Free the police from politically correct restrictions and unnecessary bureaucracy;

– Implement new laws guaranteeing citizens the right to protect their own homes.

- A major clamp down on Islamic grooming gangs which operate across the UK.

- Introduce castration for convicted rapists and repeat sexual offenders.

- Reintroduce firearms for law enforcement and border agencies.

- Any person found to be performing illegal abortions to be charged with the crime of murder.

- A major clamp down on paedophilia in the UK, wherever it is found, including the implementation of a new national register that will be open to public inspection.


– Introduce new rules during election periods that guarantee equal and fair coverage to all candidates, not just a select few.

– Introduce new rules that guarantee that retractions and corrections are published with the same dimensions, space and prominence as the original false claims.

– Introduce a new system whereby if a journalist is found to be deliberately and conscientiously fabricating content, they will receive a lifetime ban from working in the media professions.

– Abolish the corrupt, bloated and politically biased BBC and scrap the hated licence fee.

- Introduce a ban on foreign ownership of UK media institutions and companies.

- Make it a criminal offence, with a guaranteed prison sentence, for workers of the media who knowingly publish or produce false and/or fabricated reports.


– Ring fence spending on the Armed Forces and reverse recent spending cuts;

– Rebuild and enlarge the Royal Navy back to previous levels;

– Bring back National Service and make it compulsory for 1 year for all citizens upon the completion of education;

– Bring back and secure the historic county regiment system;

– Invest heavily in new technologies and weapon systems to give the UK the edge in defence industries;

– Halt the sale of any military hardware to countries outside of the Commonwealth, North America and Europe.