Sheffield University is employing students - at the rate of £9.34 per hour - to spy on other students and report 'racial micro-aggressions' to the Vice-Chancellor of the University.

The students - who will be given the job title of 'race equality champions' - will be on the alert for any conversations and social situations that are deemed to display 'comments or actions which might be unintentional, but which can cause offence to a minority group’.

These might include such 'inappropriate' phrases such as - 'Stop making everything a race issue’; ‘Why are you searching for things to be offended about?’; ‘Where are you really from?’; 'Why are you frying that banana?' when referring to cooking plantains; or comparing black students to black celebrities they look nothing like.

The Vice-Chancellor might think he is ‘changing the way people think about racism’ through initiating ‘healthy conversations’.

But in reality he is creating an environment similar to that of the East German Stasi, where eavesdroppers will lurk around every corner - and black students will be taught to interpret every question posed to them, every sentence of every conversation, even every intended compliment as an expression of racist thinking.

This ridiculous policy of paying students to police 'racial micro-aggressions' does nothing for race relations - on the contrary, it will encourage students to see each other not as individuals but as representatives of a racial group, not as classmates and comrades but as a potential threat, and not as confident young adults able to speak freely and openly with each other, but as enemy combatants on either side of manufactured racial dividing lines.

This is the worst example yet of political correctness in an educational and academic environment that is already rife with such left-wing thought-police lunacy, and it must be stopped.

Take part in our campaign and your message will be sent immediately and automatically to the Vice-Chancellor of Sheffield University, Professor Koen Lamberts:


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