'State of Hate 2019' gives encouragement to patriots

The neo-Marxist propaganda quango 'Hope not Hate' was founded in 2004 by Nicholas Lowles as an offshoot of Searchlight magazine.

Lowles' mentor at Searchlight, Gerry Gable, was a former member of the Young Communist League and the Communist Party of Great Britain.

Hope not Hate's supporters include Billy Bragg, Glenys Kinnock, Eddie Izzard and several far-left Labour MPs.

This week, the organisation published its annual State of Hate report, which is essentially a vehicle for attacking what they term 'far-right extremists', in other words anyone to the right of Theresa May.

The authors pretend to political impartiality by also addressing Islamist extremism and Labour Party anti-semitism - but you can tell their hearts aren't in it, that trashing patriots is their number one priority.

Pillar of the left-wing establishment: Hope Not Hate's Nicholas Lowles.

So that you don't have to read all one hundred and thirteen error-filled pages of State of Hate 2019, one heroic Britain First volunteer has read the document (well, skimmed through it!) for you.

And he found, surprisingly, that the more evidential parts (as opposed to the parts besmirching decent patriots and patriotic organisations, including Britain First) offer a good deal of encouragement to our cause.

Main points

Below are selected extracts (text and charts) from State of Hate 2019.

Where appropriate, we provide clarifications, in square brackets.

  • The way Parliament has handled the Brexit process has deepened the poor attitude many hold towards our politicians. 68% now say that there is not a political party that speaks for them [must raise awareness of Britain First!] and 55% think the political system is broken.

  • ... attitudes towards immigration in Britain are deteriorating [more people are feeling or seeing the negative consequences of mass immigration].
  • The extreme far right [patriotic or counter-jihad movement] is getting more extreme [dedicated] and younger.
  • The far right is successfully tapping into the political rage and discontent that is prevalent in society.
  • A narrative of 'betrayal' and 'traitors' increasingly dominates the far right’s discourse, with much of their anger focused on MPs [traitor politicians].
  • Continued increase in internationalisation of ideas, tactics, money and collaborative working.
  • The adoption of the 'free speech' narrative [exposure of increasingly draconian constraints on free speech by government and big media] by the far right has enabled them to attract a more mainstream audience.
  • There’s been a continued rising trend in traffic to far-right websites and followers of far-right social media accounts, although increasing moderation [censorship] by social media companies [unelected censors] seems to have slowed down, and in individual cases reverted, the explosive increase we saw last year.
  • 49% of 2017 Conservative voters think [understand] that Islam is incompatible to the British way of life and 47% think there are no go areas in Britain where sharia law dominates and non-Muslims cannot enter.

  • We are likely to see a resurgence of a far-right electoral threat.
  • A strong far-right vote in the European Elections will give a boost to the far right and populist right in the UK.
  • Divisions within Britain are likely to increase and this will further split communities [not good in itself, of course, but...] and boost the far right's populist anti-politics message.
  • Over 25 Al-Muhajiroun [notorious Islamist group] activists have been released from prison in the last 12 months, including most of its leadership [notably Anjem Choudary].
  • Al-Muhajiroun is likely to become more active [again, not good, but will activate many latent patriots].


Mass immigration, Islamisation and their impacts are becoming increasingly obvious, awaking many more people to the need for concerted action in defence of our country, culture and identity.

State of Hate's left-wing authors are clearly alarmed at this sea-change in public mood, for it threatens to put the brakes on the Left's multicultural, globalist project to displace and disempower the native British people.

For Britain First, the change is positive and encouraging, for we are uniquely well placed to channel popular discontent into constructive political action to restore order and sanity to our country.


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