1. Britain First is committed to the maintenance of British national sovereignty, independence and freedom. Our people must enjoy full self-determination, free from the interference and meddling of foreign organisations, such as the European Union, that threaten the integrity of our political institutions. National sovereignty rests with the British people and our democratically elected Parliament. Britain must be a democratic nation where the will of the people is translated into political action.

2. Britain First is a movement of British Unionism. We support the continued unity of the United Kingdom whilst recognising the individual identity and culture of the peoples of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We abhor and oppose all trends that threaten the integrity of the Union.

3. Britain First is committed to preserving our British cultural heritage, traditions, customs and values. We oppose the increasing colonisation of our homeland through uncontrolled, mass immigration. Britain First is committed to maintaining and strengthening Christianity as the foundation of our society and culture.

4. Britain First is committed to creating a revitalised national economy based on private-enterprise and maximum self-sufficiency within an economic policy that puts the interests of British business, industry, workers and our national requirements before those of political doctrine, international finance or meddling foreign organisations. We stand opposed to unbridled free trade and the importation of foreign labour into our homeland.

5. Britain First is committed to creating a country based on freedom of opinion, expression, and assembly, free from unnecessary regulation or interference from the State. We support the establishment of a national Bill of Rights to guarantee, in law, the aforementioned freedoms for the British people.

6. Britain First is determined that Britain’s armed forces should be used to defend our homeland – including our kindred sister nations around the world – and should not be deployed in foreign wars that do not serve our national interests.

8. Britain First is committed to a root and branch reform of our corrupt and unaccountable system of government. We demand fairer coverage in the media to candidates seeking election to public office. We demand the end of the monopoly of the old gang parties, whose dominance is maintained by a corporate media that utilises deception and censorship to filter the news according to their own agenda.

9. Britain First is committed to the revitalisation of our farming and fishing sectors and supports policies geared at maximum agricultural self-sufficiency. We demand resolute action to protect, nurture and preserve our native environment, countryside and areas of natural beauty. Britain First will halt all further unnecessary building on green belt land and we will enact legislation aimed at protecting British wildlife.

10. Britain First is committed to significantly reducing crime in our country by means of rigorous law enforcement and an overhaul of our liberal and soft judiciary. Full support will be given to our police forces who are struggling to hold back a tidal wave of crime. We must end the culture of liberal political correctness that hamstrings law enforcement efforts and creates misery for ordinary, law-abiding citizens.

11. Britain First demands a revolution in national priorities aimed at making Britain a decent, safe, and worthwhile place to live for its citizens. Elected representatives who abuse public trust and engage in corruption will be prosecuted. British citizens will be put first in housing, jobs, education, welfare and health. British history, traditions, culture and customs will be promoted and given their rightly place at the centre of national life.